I didn’t know there were such things as affiliate links and marketing when I started blogging. I now use them to finance my blog and it has been really helpful. Some links throughout blog posts will be affiliate links. It does not change anything for you. If anything, you will get stuff for free when you sign up for the service through them.

Here are some of the affiliate links I use.


If you go on Amazon using this link I will get a tiny bit of money if you order something. It does not change the price for you so you may as well go using this link. It gives me a percentage on orders made and it really helps me keep the blog going when you order books I recommend from the links on this blog.


Plum is an auto-saving app that takes money from your account automatically and saves just what you can save. It allows you to stop caring about saving yourself. It does it for you and it really has been helpful to me and my finances. Sign up here.

Lending Works

I use Lending Works to lend some of my money to people taking loans with them. It is called Peer-to-Peer lending and it works well. I get 4.5% interests monthly and reinvest directly and it’s been really helpful to make a bit of money at a low risk. Sign up here and we will both get £50 if and when you invest £1000 in peer-to-peer lending.


Revolut is a new bank that does not charge you any fees for payment abroad in any currency. It is free to open and works directly with the app. You open a normal UK account with them and you get a card you can use in every country free of charge. Sign up here.


TransferWise allows you to transfer money abroad, bypassing your bank and their colossal fees when exchange currency in the process. TransferWise charges fees that are way small than your usual bank. Sign up here and get your first transfer completely fee-free.

Thank you ever so much for supporting this blog. You guys are modern heroes!