Social media pages to follow

If you are going to use social media, do it right. I believe that what surrounds us makes us who we are. As we are scrolling on social media, what we see impacts what we think, and in turns, do. Bringing positive, inspirational and motivational posts to your Instagram and Facebook feed will change considerably what goes through your head.

Here are a few pages recommended for Facebook and/or Instagram. Get to see posts from these people first and you will slowly change your life.

Jay Shetty

Perhaps the most influential person out there when it comes to motivation, inspiration and positivity. Jay Shetty is a young bright mind who was once a monk. He came back with the goal of making wisdom go viral, and so he did. not only does he share ideas and videos, but also lists of books he recommends and tricks he uses to get over situations that happen daily in our lives.

Facebook JayShettyIW / Instagram jayshetty

Remember that you will die

One of the main philosophies behind stoic philosophy is the acceptance of events outside our reasoned choice. It being health, relationships and even death: Memento Mori. This Instagram page reminds you every day that one day, you will die. It makes you re-evaluate the choices you make and the path you start going down. It pushes you to think about why not so much matters and why some decisions are not that important.

Instagram rememberthatyouwilldie

Ben Lionel Scott

This guy is focused solely on motivational. What he shares/does is nothing short of astonishing. His videos have gone viral and he is just someone to follow.

Facebook benlionelscott / Instagram benlionelscott

Tim Ferriss

Following his book The 4-Hour Work Week, Tim Ferriss has done a range of things that say a lot about what anyone can achieve starting from nothing. I specifically recommend his podcast The Tim Ferriss Show (available on Spotify), where he interviews the most successful and impressive people out there. Listen to this and realise you are no different if you commit.

Facebook TimFerriss / Instagram timferriss

Living Tricks UK

Of course, you should follow our page too on social media. From wisdom quotes to inspirational videos shared from all the above-mentioned pages, you can find a cocktail of inspiration on there.

Facebook livingtricksuk / Instagram livingtricksuk

If you have something you are passionate about, follow people doing the same you do, but being super good at it – the best. Whenever you see what they do and how they go and do these things this can inspire you to go further. For photographers, follow professional photographers. For surfers, follow professional surfers. Anything you see from them will push you to keep going and never give up. Look at where they come from, listen to podcasts.

Some other pages to consider following depending on your ideas and ideals.

Leonardo DiCaprio – The famous actor turned UN messenger of peace has a lot to say about living in harmony with our planet. From stopping the damage to respecting every culture wherever they come from, the inspiration you can get from this hyper-productive guy is something of another world. His positivity and the way he effects positive changes can be positive for your life too. Facebook LeonardoDiCaprio / Instagram leonardodicaprio

Emma Watson – Emma Watson has done a lot. The famous actor is engaged in some very positive causes effecting change in plenty of different areas including feminism but also respect for our planet. Her hyper-productivity and views can change the world by changing everyone, one person at a time. Facebook emmawatson / Instagram emmawatson

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