Use your unused spaces

Do you live in a flat or house with one or several rooms to spare? It is time to make the most of that unused space.

Rent it

Renting a room is one of the best ways to make use of a room. You will get easy money and you will not pay tax on the rent money if you rent under a certain amount per year. There are two ways to rent your room.

Holiday rent

This is the classic AirBnb solution. Take photos, put your listing up and wait for people to book it. It works. Even if you are going to rent it for a few days here and there, AirBnb prices are usually high, as they are on a per night rate, and help get to the end of a difficult month or get extra money to take some time off work somewhere nice.

It is easy to set up and the selection criteria from the AirBnb website makes it extremely safe to rent. Sure you have heard of one scandal story but that is out of thousands of people renting successfully. Create your renting account now and start making “free” money.

Make a flatshare

Why not advertise a free room and have someone pay half your rent/mortgage? This will give you a flow of money coming through each month. Though being lower than AirBnb and being a solution that impacts your every day routine, it is less risky if you are to depend on the extra money you receive from it.

Create a distraction-free room

Too many distractions at home? Create a distraction-free room that you can enter to practice something and give it your whole.

Whether it is meditating, working out, writing on ideas or just creating a workspace, this will help you get to where you want to be. The environment plays a huge part and is often overlooked when it comes to productivity. Do not neglect this!

Make sure you have rules in this room. Do not enter with your mobile phone, do not bring a laptop or any screen, do not bring games or musical instruments etc. Make sure it stays pristine. This way, when you get used to it, you will change your mindset immediately as you enter the room.

Do you have any other ideas? The AirBnb solution is the most popular and we think we know why. That easy money can enable you to get that step further in what you need to live your passion.

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