Create passive income with peer-to-peer lending

We are willing to make money passively and expect that money to be big. What we need to do instead, is create several little money sources that add up to a good amount. Investing is one of these little money sources, though it has risks. on the other hand, lending your money present fewer risks.

Loans are usually a banks business, but it changed in 2014 when the FCA decided to regulate peer-to-peer lending as well. This means that you can lend your money to other people looking to get loans and get paid interests for it, all of that for free. That is specifically what websites like Lending Works offer. Put your money in there, lend it for 3 or 5 years and make money from interests.

A word of caution: bear in mind, you should only loan the money you are comfortable loaning, as if the contractor of the loan has problems paying back, you may not retrieve your money as easily and as planned. Do not loan more than you can afford. Having said that, what is needed to get a loan through a website like Lending Works makes it quite secure as it is regulated by the FCA. They do perform checks on every potential borrower.

Everything you need to know and check is available on the website This is a referral link. With it, when you invest £1000 to put out on loan, you get £50 free. Loan your money now, and get interests, guaranteed!

More on saving/making money on our article about how to avoid bank fees when abroad.

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