Round up your expenses to save money

This technique can help you save a bit of money every day. It is about saving the money that is left when you pay £7 with a tenner. Let’s look at a few examples:

  • Coffee: 70p at work – 30p/working day
  • Lunch: £3.50 – 50p/working day

Now that will save you 80p/working day = £16 per month. Just from cheap coffees and lunches at work. It does not look like much because we are looking at small roundups. Let’s look at an example for something close to £10 or above. For example, food shopping or petrol.

Food shopping can cost you let’s say £25. If it costs you £23? Put £2 aside. If it costs £27? Put £3 aside. Now let’s look at what it becomes per month if we do it consistently:

  • Food shop twice a week: £18 – £2 twice a week
  • Petrol twice a month:  £47 – £3 twice a month

Let’s add everything together, coffees, lunches, petrol and food shop and we get £38/month. £38 doing essentially nothing to save money at all. Should I remind you that £38 is the equivalent of flights to plenty of different places in Europe? Imagine if you applied this technique to every expense, where could you go? What could you do?

Put It in Practice

Using Cash

So how to do that easily? First, every change you ever get back when you spend, put in a piggy bank. Every time, consistently, when you go home, empty your wallet and put all your change in there.

Always withdraw money before going to buy anything. This way you will get change and be able to see the amount you put aside every single day. On another note, you’ll see the money you spend and therefore will be more aware of the amount. Read “Use cash to spend less money” for more info.

Using your Card (with MoneyBox)

Sometimes it can be difficult to always have cash, and the app MoneyBox (sign up here) is for when you don’t. It links to your bank account and automatically put in a saving account the rounded up amounts. Basically, it will look at your expenses with your card on your account, round them up and save the difference. This is pretty clever.

Sign up now and start saving automatically. For more apps to Put the savings on autopilot, read this post.


Remember, saving tiny bits every day make big chunks at the end of a month. Start saving now and you won’t regret it in a year’s time.

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