Use cash to spend less money

You read right, using more cash will make you spend less. How many times have you gone out and taken your card, only to be surprised by how much you were able to spend on just one night, the day after?

Cards are essentially bad money decision traps. It is the equivalent of going out with the amount of cash equal to the amount of money you have on your bank account. And when we use it? We do not see any money pouring out.

Try this once: on your way out to the restaurant or pub, withdraw £40. Withdraw £40 even if you don’t think you will need as much. Then go out and pay for everything you need with this cash. Realise how you can feel that money going away from you so quickly.

If you do that at some point during the night I can guarantee you will slow down. This feeling is important to remember. This is the feeling of spending lots of money at once and realising we are responsible for not being able to do more with our own life.

By using cash, you will also be able to get change back and save it.

Remember, the money you do not spend is the money you can save. And the money you save is the money you pay to get up and do something awesome. Do not waste it.

If you want more tricks on how to daily money-saving tricks, make sure you read this post too on how to get a good phone cheap and this one on how to enable automatic savings.

Pay in cash

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