Buy a great phone without wasting money

How many of us have seen these shiny commercials on the latest iPhone and said: “I WANT THAT” then went on to buy it, only to be presented the year after with the not so so much better iPhone in a new shiny commercial and said: “I WANT THAT”.

Let’s take a second and be honest with ourselves: do we need a seven-hundred-pound phone? Are we that important? Falling in that consumerism trap of wanting something because we see it on TV is what companies know you will do. Do not be the sheep, be the clever wolf. They hide the incredibly high prices with a pay monthly over 2 years formula that you must avoid if you want to be clever with your money. In fact, everything that is to pay monthly is usually something you cannot afford, only disguised.

Here is an idea: next time you look at phones, force yourself to pay it upfront and do not take a contract. Go for a plan rolling monthly. Trust me, you will see your money back.

Now, how to choose your phone? Here are a few ideas.

  1. Get the precedent version of the latest phone
  2. Get a refurbished phone

Choose your phone from the ones that came out at least the version before the latest version. That will save you a lot of money and there are next to no differences between 2 versions of the same line of phone. You will save a couple of hundred pounds already.

Now, go refurbished. Not only will it help the environment, but it will help your bank account. When the Galaxy S8 came out and just before the S9 came out, a refurbished Galaxy S7 was up for £250 without a contract at all. I went on eBay, bought an S7 refurbished, then went to and went on a monthly rolling contract for £20 a month with way more data than I would have had on an expensive contract. You could make even more money back if you were to take a 12-month contract instead of a monthly rolling one.

What is important here is that you spend the £250 out of your pocket and will keep the phone for 2 or 3 years, with a low monthly payment. As long as you don’t buy a phone with a contract, you are good to go. You can take a SIM-only contract or a rolling contract and it will be almost the same in terms of savings. The phone makes the difference, do not buy the phone with a contract.

Plus, if you go to using this link you’ll get a £25 Amazon gift when you sign up for a SIM-only deal. Save money, easily!

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